Appetizers and More

SPINACH & ARTICHOKE DIPSpinach & artichokes combined with cream, Parmesan & Romano cheese, garlic, basil & pepper served with a generous portion of pita chips.$8.99
DARRELLIZER NACHOSHome cooked corn tortillas loaded with whole cheeses, green onions, red, green & jalapeño peppers, black olives and Darrell’s own spicy cajun grilled chicken or taco beef. Served with sour cream & salsa. $13.99 (Vegetiz'er 11.99)
DARRELLIZER SPUDSKINSPeelin’ good pound of potato skins smothered with cajun grilled chicken or taco beef, whole cheese, bacon & green onions. $12.29 (Vegetiz’er 10.29)
DARRELL’S SAMPLERNo need to fight! Share this delicious combo of mozza sticks, deep fried pickles, mac & cheese wedges, pizza rolls, Darrell fries and pita chips. Served with ranch and creamy chili dipper.$14.59
MAC & CHEESE WEDGESYep! Our favourite go-to treat transformed into deep fried (battered) wedges. School days revisited.8.29
GARLIC CHEESE BREADGarlic toasted French bread topped with melted cheddar and mozza. $3.99
Jazz it up with crumbled real bacon bits and sliced green onions. $4.99
MOZZA STICKSOoey, gooey, sticky mozza sticks, golden battered and served with a ranch dipper.$9.89
DEEP FRIED PICKLESCrazy addictive & delicious breaded pickle spears served with Darrell’s own creamy chili dipper.$6.99
SNAKE BITESThese little nibblers are the antidote for your appetite. Crispy-coated, spicy chunks of chicken breast with your choice of dipping sauce. Bite back!$9.89
PIZZA ROLLSCrispy mini spring rolls stuffed with pizza sauce, cheese and pepperoni.$9.79
DARRELL’S HOME MADE CORN CHOWDERA favourite of our devotees since 1992. A sprinkle of cheddar tops the Kernel’s secret recipe.$4.89
Healthy Choice OptionsEnjoy one of Darrell’s small-sized salads from the Urban Garden.