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There are a lot of milkshakes coming out of the Darrell’s kitchen—we’re talking upwards of 35,000 a year, on average. So, while owner Dan Joseph was tickled to hear of yet another gold win—and this Hall of Fame nod—he didn’t really need the Best of Halifax to know his always thicker-than-thick beverages are tops. “I think what it says is that it’s a quality product, we’ve always kept it that way. We’ve never diluted it,” he says. “I think the fact you get the extra in the can, like you did in the good old days, helps too. A lot of things in this world change, and it’s nice to see some things don’t.” Joseph is quick to shout out Darrell’s shake master, Nathan Langille, an employee of 14 years who makes about 70 percent of the milkshakes the restaurant serves. (Quick math: he’s made over 300,000.) “God love him,” says Joseph. “He’s lugged more 11.4 litre ice cream containers up those stairs than anyone. He’s our superstar.”