You’re “POUTINE” me in a Corner

Those who think poutine is bad for them should give up thinking!

DARRELL’S ORIGINAL POUTINECrisp regular fries smothered in our delicious house made gravy and gooey cheese curds.sm $6.99 lg $8.99
CHEE”Z” BURGER POUTINETopped with fresh taco spiced Certified Angus Beef, jalapeños, and cheddar! Brilliant!$13.69
PULLED PORK POUTINETopped with chipotle marinated pulled pork delivering an unbelievable taste experience!$12.99
STEAK POUTINEBoldly go where no poutine has gone before! Cover me with juicy steak, grilled peppers, mushrooms, red onion & jalapeños.$14.29
NACHO POUTINEYet another topped with a blend of red, green & Jalapeño peppers, green onion, a sprinkle of cheddar topped with guacamole & sour cream!$14.29
BACON & EGG POUTINECure a hangover by adding a sunny side up egg and crispy bacon morning, afternoon or evening!$12.99