Sides & Extras

Most Entrées include your choice of Darrell Fries (seasoned potato wedges) Regular Fries or our Nothing Fancy Salad. You can also add or upgrade your side from our substitution choices.

Darellicious “House Made” Gravy. Reallllly Good!$0.99
Darrell or Regular FriesSm $2.99 Lg $4.99
Sweet Potato FriesSm $3.99 sub $1.99
Onion Rings$4.89 Sub $1.99
Darrell’s Original PoutineSub $2.29
Darrell’s Famous Corn Chowder$4.89 Sub $1.29
Soup of the Day$3.89 Sub $0.99
Spinach, Romaine & Pecan, Caesar SaladSub $1.99
MOB, Falafel, 6 Bean Salad, GreekSub $2.39
Guacamole $ 0.99
Side of pickles or jalapeños$ 0.69
Darrell’s DippersCajun Mayo, Mango Mayo, BBQ Sauce, Chipotle Mayo, Creamy Chili, Salad Dressing, Ginger Mayo, Salsa, Plum Sauce, Curry Mayo, Sour Cream$ 0.49